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7 Best DIY Space-Saving Ideas

A small living room incorporating several space-saving ideas like wall-mounted shelving-units.

Homes are getting smaller and smaller, because cost per square foot has been on the rise. That means that space-saving storage ideas are increasingly popular for interior design, and thanks to social media, more people are tackling DIY projects than before.

Whether you’re considering space-saving projects for a tiny house or want to renovate a big home full of family knickknacks and necessities, storage is important. After all, living spaces are for living – not for wading through a bunch of stuff bought off Amazon.

If you’re looking to clear up your home’s square footage and love a good DIY project, then these space-saving ideas are perfect for you.

1. Declutter with a Mudroom Bench

A white and natural white oak mudroom storage bench.

A mudroom bench may not work for a studio apartment, but it’s a great organization idea if you have a busy entryway. Whether it stands alone or is built into an existing closet/recessed area, a mudroom bench gives your family the perfect place to stash coats and backpacks after a busy day.

It pulls double duty since it incorporates a seat for taking off (and storing) shoes. Even better, it can make for an easy DIY project that you can get done in a weekend – especially when you have our free plans and material list!

See How It Stacks Up

Want to see how it looks? Take a peek at the finished product with Steve Stack on New Day Cleveland.

Don’t Forget About Your Vertical Space

Living in a small home means a limited amount of floor space. And, larger homes looking for a little makeover often need some wow-factor on those walls. This makes for a great opportunity to consider shelving – a little storage hack that saves a lot of room and cuts back on clutter in a major way.

2. Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

A wall-mounted shelving unit in a laundry room.

A bookcase can be a bulky piece of furniture that takes up a lot of your floor’s real estate. (But, it’s tough to part with the extra storage it provides.) In today’s interior design, though, you can makeover a small bedroom or living room with a simple wall-mounted bookshelf.

Wall-mounted, open shelves are great for family photos, decor and even kitchen essentials. It’s an extremely easy DIY project because all you need are some high-quality pieces of lumber, your favorite stain color, some finish and a few wall brackets!

(And if you need help reaching those important items on your new, beautiful open shelves, we have free DIY step stool plans, too!)

3. Cleat Shelving Storage Solutions

A French cleat shelf used in a woodworking shop for tool storage.

If you’re a woodworker, or if you simply need some space for tools and other items, then our wall-mounted DIY French cleat shelves are the perfect way to utilize your garage or shop space.

There’s no need to keep this design idea limited to the garage or shop, though. A cleat wall shelf system can help organize many other rooms – like a laundry room or a home office – with just a few little tweaks.

4. Coffee Table or Dining Table

A coffee table with an extra shelf below for storage space.

Having a coffee table or dining table with some storage underneath is an easy way to create extra space without adding more furniture or wall shelving to your room.

If you don’t want to fully commit to an intricate DIY table project, you can always use plank countertops and attach them to a base with open shelves to keep your books and other items tucked away.

5. Mantel for Your Living Room

Image of a rustic-looking mantel shelf in a living room with fireplace.

Proudly display pictures or holiday decorations with a new, beautiful mantel shelf.

This storage idea is the perfect way to add some personality or rustic charm to your living room. Mantel shelves add extra storage space without overwhelming a small room with a complete fireplace surround. The mounting is simple, and if you’re looking to make this a DIY project, it can be done in a few short hours

Here are those free plans, too: Step-By-Step DIY Fireplace Mantel

(If you’d rather bypass the making and go straight to the installing, we sell a wide range of premade mantels. Be sure to check them out!)

6. Spice Racks to Kitchen Cabinets and More

A kitchen cabinet with a spice shelf built inside. 

Finding the best way to organize your spices (especially in a small kitchen) doesn’t have to be a challenge. There’s an easy fix.

Build a spice rack on your cabinet door, attach one on the wall for display or create a countertop design that holds several containers at a time.

If you’re attaching to the interior of a cabinet door, don’t forget to add a small dowel rod to each shelf. A wall display can simply be a few open shelves (similar to the wall-mounted book/display shelves mentioned earlier). And, a countertop design can allow your creativity to flow: think tiered designs, lazy susan options or even a modern, diamond-shaped look.

7. Under-Bed Divider Boxes

An under-bed wooden box with dividers in it being used as a storage solution. 

Nightstands can take up a good amount of space, especially if you live in a tiny home with a small bedroom. In this case, some storage under the bed can help contain clutter while still looking high-end.

With a little elbow grease, you can easily build a box design with dividers that suits your storage needs to fit under your bed. Depending on the wood species you opt for, you can paint it or stain it to maximize floor space while still blending seamlessly with the look and feel of your room.

Bring Your Design Ideas to Life

There’s nothing quite like feeling organized. It’s good for the heart and good for the home.

Whether you need to make room for a lively family or want to make a small space feel bigger, these space-saving ideas can help you do just that. And, even better, you can do them on your own with just a few tools and some high-quality lumber!