Side-by-side image of a healthy forest and hardwood lumber.

Watching out for our ecosystem’s delicate balance ensures that future generations can enjoy all nature has to offer. That means that stewardship of conservation efforts is essential for a better tomorrow.

It’s important to us, which is why we aim to inspire and empower customers to preserve the great outdoors through conservation, natural resource preservation efforts and – of course – by using sustainably sourced, natural products.

After all, if we fail to respect the outdoors, it goes away.

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Men practicing sustainable forestry management.

Your environment matters – whether we’re talking about your living room, your neighborhood or the world. It’s important to be forward-thinking when making decisions about our own best interests, and that’s why green business practices matter to us!

Sustainability is a major focus at Baird Brothers. We’ve been using zero waste and environmentally sustainable practices for decades and will continue doing so for decades more. Our passion for sustainability is one of the many reasons we believe that wood products are important for the future of our forests, and we believe that the use of real American hardwood results in a greener world, not to mention a more relaxing home!

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