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The Hottest Interior Design Style Trends

Living room decorated with one of today’s most popular architectural design styles.

Whether you’re doing a complete overhaul on your home or searching for some quick makeover design ideas, we have the latest (and greatest) suggestions to get you started.

Fresh out of the industry’s leading trade event – the International Builders Show – here are top 7 interior design trends to look for.

Discussing the Most Popular Interior Design Styles

The next few years are positioned to shake things up when it comes to design styles. One of the major highlights is a sweeping European influence – especially in terms of mouldings and fixtures.

We recently had the pleasure of attending the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, and we learned firsthand about home design trends that are on the rise (and which ones are on their way out!).

Follow along with Steve Stack and McKenzie Cross as they review what’s hot and what’s not.

Trending Interior Design Styles

Before we get into the fine details, it’s important to talk about actual interior design styles!

According to the experts, there’s a strong focus on natural materials, bold colors, unique accents and custom mouldings. Those trends all lend to a few up-and-coming design styles:

French Provincial

Bedroom featuring French influences, a light color palette and bold furniture pieces.

Talk about unique mouldings and accents that you don’t see every day! This high-end look is basically the opposite of minimalism and Scandinavian design. French provincial is highlighted by ornate mouldings, arched windows and doorways, full-wall wainscot applications and hardwood floors.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern living room with fireplace.

This style has clean lines and a minimalist feel, but it’s far from boring. Mid-century modern has an innate connection to nature and allows you to experiment with bold colors and unique textiles.


Floating hardwood staircase in a contemporary living room.

Popular elements with this design include light-colored hardwood products, edgy focal points (like floating staircases), large, open spaces and smooth surfaces. It’s a sleek, modern (yet timeless) option.

Traditional Style

Mood board that highlights traditional columns, stair parts and paint colors.

Believe it or not, traditional design is a major player this year and beyond. It’s an early 19th-century look, but the modern twist is what has homeowners doing a double take. It’s fancy, but not too fancy, and now includes elements like open floor plans, large kitchen islands and dark wood finishes.

Decor Trends and Popular Design Elements

1. Maximalist In, Minimalist Out

Minimalist interior design has been a popular trend in recent years, not to mention the fact that it’s been going strong for nearly 60 years. However minimalism has grown a little stale, and its eclectic rival – maximalism – is now having its moment.

The maximalist look can mean a boho living room with bold patterns, upholstery and throw rugs. It can also mean French provincial opulence or rustic dining rooms featuring a familiar farmhouse style.

Homeowners are finding that the more design elements they incorporate, the more they love their home!

2. Natural Replaces a Neutral Color Palette

Say goodbye (finally) to gray and cream-colored walls. We’re moving into an era of natural color schemes, and that doesn’t just mean beige, brown and green.

Earthy colors like sage, terra-cotta, burnt orange and dusty pink are extremely popular. And, don’t forget about deep blue accent walls: the perfect complement to any coastal/lake house design.

3. Darker Design Elements

Latte and mocha color schemes are also growing in popularity. Dark trim and mouldings made from walnut are becoming a fixture of modern styles, along with darker furniture pieces like coffee tables.

However, keep in mind that walnut doesn’t have the highest rating on the Janka scale, which means it’s not great for high-traffic areas. If you want to get a similar feel with a more durable species (for products like flooring), you can achieve it with red oak and a dark stain.

4. High-Gloss Trim and Mouldings

In recent years, traditional design trends have called for low-sheen matte finishes – but that’s all about to change…somewhat.

Thanks to the incoming European influence, high-gloss mouldings and trim are everywhere you look. But, this means you have to make sure that the millwork you use is the best of the best. High gloss paint shows imperfections easily, and in order for it to look top-notch, millwork needs a high threshold of knife marks per inch.

5. Vintage Light Fixtures

There’s no beating natural light, vintage chandeliers, French and Italian floor lamps, pendant lights and wall sconces when it comes to home decor. These traditional interior fixtures have a timeless appeal that adds a unique charm to any living space.

6. Mid-Century Modern Lines

While the bareness of minimalism may be out, there’s still a place for clean lines and simplicity. Mid-century modern aesthetics that mimic the shapes and silhouettes of natural elements are on the rise, popularity-wise.

Splashes of pastels and bright colors are popular mid-century modern design elements. Art deco-style furniture and statement pieces also breathe life into this look.

7. Flowing Curves

In line with the rise in mid-century modern aesthetics, interior design elements that create a sense of flow throughout the living space are becoming more and more popular (and are set to dominate upcoming interior design trends). This is especially true in transitional spaces like doorways and focal points like windows. That said, these elements are usually custom pieces, so you’ll need to work with a company that can accommodate any design.

We offer custom-order interior doors in a variety of wood species and can work with you to reimagine arched accents. Furniture pieces like sofas and coffee tables with flowing curves are another consideration when it comes to minor home improvement makeovers.

Design Styles Made Simple

An arched interior door, one of the trending interior design elements for this year.

Trending interior design styles are always shifting – from Japanese-inspired natural looks to warm Mediterranean influences. But, no matter what’s fashionable, the most important thing is to love your living space.

Whether you’re looking to stay on top of the trends, or just trying to find some inspiration for your home makeover, we can help. Check out our blog for more design ideas and even expert tips for DIY home renovation projects.