A kitchen remodel with wood counters and wood cabinets.

If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen countertops, picking the right countertop surface can be a challenge. Obviously, you want something that will last. You don’t want something that requires a ton of upkeep. And, hopefully, in the end, it won’t break the bank.

So, with all of that, have you ever considered wood plank or butcher block countertops? Using wood in your kitchen renovation can add a touch of timeless charm to the space – and these unique styles are definitely on-trend. But still, we’re sure you’re wondering, “Are wood countertops really a good choice?”

Our answer is short and sweet! They sure are!

Let’s take a quick look at the butcher block countertop pros and cons compared to other countertop materials, and you’ll see why so many restaurants and homeowners alike choose to use them in their kitchen design.

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A craftsman considering several wood types for woodworking.

It’s no secret that woodworking – even just as a hobby – comes with a lot of benefits. Not only do you end up with a beautiful DIY project (whether it be a handmade musical instrument, baseball bat or fine furniture), but it also leaves you feeling a zen-like calm.

No matter what the item might be, good DIY projects start with good building materials. And that means you have to be selective about what type of wood you’re using. It’s important to know how the different wood types stack up against each other when it comes to woodworking so that you can make the best choice for your project’s needs.

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Dowel rods in comparison to screws and dowel screws.

Dowel vs. screws, screws vs. dowels – if you’re planning a woodworking project, you might be asking yourself which one you should use. When it comes to modern joinery methods, screws are the go-to for manufacturers looking to churn out a high volume of product. But, just because screws are good for fast work, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right fit for your DIY woodworking projects.

Dowels are often labeled as time-consuming or difficult for beginners to master – however, dowel joinery is worth the time and effort to learn. If it’s a strong joint you want, then it’s most likely dowels – not screws – that you need.

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