Stunning Interior Doors Hinge on Fine Hardwood

Gone are the days when doors were afterthoughts or merely functional, unappealing room-to-room transitions. Nowadays, interior doors are an integral part of a home’s design.

With so many species, finishes, styles and sizes to choose from, the design possibilities for premium solid hardwood interior doors are endless. “The only thing limiting your choice is your budget,” said Baird Brothers Steve Stack.

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Visit Baird Brothers at a 2016 Home Show for inspiration.

Winter is a great time to start looking at ways to spruce up and add value to your home with beautiful hardwood. Whether you’re starting a renovation or planning a spring or summer build, there’s no better place to start than home shows.

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2019 Guide to Hardwood in your Kitchen.

Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack discusses ways to incorporate hardwood in your kitchen design, and what to know before you install. “In the kitchen, hardwood is exposed to the worst of the worst — water, heat, spills, sharp tools and heavy foot traffic,” Steve said. “With a little knowledge and TLC, you can keep it looking gorgeous for generations.”

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Is it right for you?

For 55 years, Baird Brothers’ solid hardwood flooring has added warmth and charm to homes all over the nation. Now, that same American-crafted beauty is available in Baird Brothers’ engineered hardwood flooring. In this issue, Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack explains what engineered hardwood flooring is and how to decide if it’s the right flooring option for your home.

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The 2018 Jamestown Net-Zero Project: Baird Brothers & This Old House

Anniversaries are important… especially 40th anniversaries!

So for 2018, This Old House’s 40th season, the well-known home design and renovation brand brought its A-game by taking on its first ever net-zero house.

If you’re a fan, you know that TOH has managed many challenging projects over the past 40 years. But, up to this point, the organization had never been tasked with transforming an old home into a property capable of generating all the energy it needed to run.

But, as expected, with a little collaboration and a lot of ingenuity, the Jamestown Net-Zero Project House was nothing short of stunning!

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This Old House’s House One Brand To Feature Locally Made Products.

Host, Jenn Largesse, to complete step-by-step video and online content for DIY project featuring Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods

Canfield, OH: House One, a digital brand from This Old House that spotlights DIY projects and the inspiration behind that work, will complete a home makeover project that prominently features multiple products from Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods, located in Canfield, OH.

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This Old House Brand Partners With Baird Brothers For Second Year.

This Old House Ventures, LLC recently announced its partnership with Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods for the 2019 TOH Idea House Project

Canfield, OH: America’s leading home design and renovation brand — This Old House — recently announced its 2019 partnership with Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods, based in Canfield, OH, for the 2019 Idea House. The home, located in the coveted historic district of downtown New Canaan, Connecticut, will be featured prominently in This Old House magazine and on

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This Old House Tv Show Visits Baird Brothers’ Canfield Location

Factory footage may be featured in an upcoming episode of This Old House on PBS

Canfield, OH: This Old House® was onsite at Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods on Tuesday, July 16th to film the family-owned facility. The producers expect to feature the footage in the 2019/2020 season of This Old House.

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Hardwood has a Starring Role in your Dream Kitchen

According to the recently released 2016 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey, among the 72 percent of homeowners who are updating flooring during their kitchen renovation, hardwood flooring is most popular in nearly all regions. Baird Brothers expert Steve Stack is not surprised. “People are incorporating hardwood into their kitchen designs because it adds warmth and beauty, yet it’s practical and functional.”

Steve notes gorgeous handcrafted hardwood adds value to kitchens. Kitchen hardwood ideas were hot topics at the Baird Brothers’ booth at home and garden shows this spring. Read more