Interior of small lake house located in Baldwin, MI.

It’s no secret that it’s difficult to maximize the usable area of a small living space. Apartment sizes are shrinking and tiny homes are on the rise (especially with the increased cost of building and renovating).

If you live in a tiny space or have a small getaway property, it can feel like popular decorating ideas aren’t meant for you. But, even if your living area is on the smallest side of small, there are still plenty of ways to make the space feel big – AND save space, too.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of these great design ideas for properties with a tiny interior footprint. We guarantee they will change how your small space looks and feels!

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A sliding compound miter saw being used to make a cut.

There’s no way around it. You need to invest in some power tools if you’re planning a DIY renovation or project. But, when you’re not a professional woodworker, how do you even know what you need – especially when it comes to saws?

If you don’t have your own woodworking shop and are struggling to know whether you need a miter saw or table saw, let us help you out. Each one results in different types of cuts and, in many situations, one is better suited to a particular DIY woodworking task than the other.

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A picture of an interior door with the rail, stile, panels and mullion labeled.

A little bit of know-how can go a long way. If you’re a DIY enthusiast interested in doing your own door design, or just curious about the different parts of interior doors, we’ve got a treat for you.  Here we’ll break down all the different parts that make up your doors.

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Maple cutting board with Baird Brothers logo.

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, one of the best tools you can have is a hardwood cutting board

Believe it or not, wood can have more sanitary benefits than plastic when preparing food. Let’s take a look at the best species of hardwood for cutting boards (also called chopping boards), taking into account their characteristics, food safety properties and maintenance. Read more

A collection of essential woodworking tools.

Whether you’re a beginner woodworker or an experienced craftsman, the right tools make or break a woodworking project. Of course, every situation is different, but there are some basic hand tools and pieces of power equipment that every woodworker needs in their workspace or woodshop

Whether you’re building bookshelves, cabinets, or something completely new and unique, the essential woodworking tools listed below will get the job done and help you create some truly beautiful DIY projects.

[Free Plans] Stressed about organizing your tools? Download our FREE plans to create French cleat shelf storage unit!

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Wooden step stool.

Step stools are simple: they give you a boost in height when you need it most! Building your own step stool lets you customize every inch, making it a unique gift or an item that can be handed down through generations.

In fact, wooden step stools are great accessory items that can be designed to fit the existing pieces of furniture you already own! They’re easy to make and can be constructed out of different wood species — ranging from the most common to the most exotic.

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Mudroom with shiplap walls.

Entryways can make or break a first impression, literally as soon as you walk through the front door. But how do you maximize a (potentially) small space while still maintaining the look of your home?

A mudroom is just that: a “drop zone” for family members when they enter the house (muddy or not). It’s home to boots, coats, and shoes kicked off willy-nilly — but it doesn’t have to look that way!

Here are some easy entryway and mudroom storage ideas that look the part and help keep you organized, too!

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Hardwood floor installation in progress.

Wood floors are popular with homeowners because of their elegant look, combined with how easy they are to clean and maintain. But, the thought of a hardwood floor installation can be daunting, especially for a DIY novice. That’s where this helpful guide comes into play.

The fact is, you don’t have to be a professional contractor to install new wood floors! Start by following along with these helpful tips (straight from the hardwood flooring source itself – Baird Brothers!), and with a little research and planning, you’ll be on your way to completing your flooring project in no time. Read more

Your Complete DIY Potting Bench Plans

Have you been eyeing up that potting bench at your local garden center but wish you could make one on your own? Look no further. We’ve got everything you need–including free DIY potting bench plans and the products used throughout the build–to complete this great weekend project!

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