Three Great Home Improvement Project Ideas

Recently updated home office space with hardwood flooring.

Starting a home improvement project can be daunting – whether it’s big or small – from a new backsplash to a full overhaul with multiple home repair to-dos.

There are tons of options out there for DIY improvements, but no matter the size of your project, it’s important to know what materials are needed for your home renovation or project — and where you can get them!

So, what are you waiting for? Here are a few home improvement project ideas to get your inspiration flowing!

#1 Spruce-Up Your Interior Living Spaces

White oak hardwood flooring from Baird Brothers.

There are many ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, including landscaping, a new front door, outdoor lighting, or slapping on a fresh coat of paint. BUT, since you spend most of your time inside, why not make sure that your living space positively impacts your home value?!

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Changing up the look of your living spaces can include a complete overhaul of your interior design, updated paint colors, new window treatments or swapping out old carpet for new wood flooring. Whether it’s your living room or entryway, sometimes you need to give your home a little facelift!

Update Rooms with Wood Flooring

Many of today’s homeowners are electing to use natural hardwoods for a traditional, homey feeling, not to mention the health benefits that coincide with hardwood products.

In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hardwood floors improve indoor air quality because they don’t harbor microorganisms, allergens, and pesticides. Hardwood floors also minimize the accumulation of dust, mold and animal dander!

If you’re looking for a product that pairs well with ever-evolving design trends, then wood flooring is it! Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods is a trusted source for a variety of hardwood products, including flooring. Explore interior doors, wood flooring, custom crown molding, stair parts, and more to make sure that your home remodel wows your guests for years to come. Afterall, even something as simple as a hardwood light switch cover can elevate a room!

New Furnishings Spruce Up Spaces: A Convo With Sheely’s Furniture

We recently sat down with Sheely’s Furniture principal owner Jessica Smith to discuss inspiration for home improvement ideas.

Just like Baird Brothers, Sheely’s offers a wide range of products that bring your home makeover dreams to life. Sheely’s store locations boast over 6 acres of selection and inventory, with sofas, mattresses, light fixtures, washers, dryers, bedroom furniture, countertop microwaves, and more!

Even better, many of Sheely’s furnishings are displayed in an interior designed living space, helping customers visualize the products in their own homes. See how Sheely’s focus on superior customer experiences and relationships has elevated their business for nearly 70 years!

Watch here:

#2 Add Your Own Home Office

Home office design following COVID-19 remote work.

With the increase of employees working remotely, makeovers have included more and more home offices. There are plenty of home improvement ideas to make your home office the talk of your video meeting, whether it’s in its own dedicated space or an unconventional/shared space within your home. Looking to add open shelving, unique mouldings or plank-style countertops to your new or updated office space? Check out options for crown molding, add a shiplap accent wall, enhance your entrance with a wooden interior door or make your own custom wooden shelving!

Did you know that hardwoods are proven to reduce heart rate and stress levels when used in school classrooms? The same concept applies to your new home office! Adding hardwoods to your interior design connects you with natural elements, producing a calming effect that’ll help get you through the work day.

#3 Woodworking DIY Projects

Mudroom locker bench DIY project for home improvement.

DIY home improvement doesn’t have to mean full-blown home remodeling. There are plenty of ways to incorporate new accents in your home without doing a complete reno project (like replacing vinyl tile with hardwood flooring – although the health benefits of wood flooring suggest you maybe should!). In fact, DIYers across the globe are creating woodworking projects that add function and fashion to your home.

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Build a hardwood mudroom bench for added storage space and sophisticated style in your entryway or laundry room. Tackle an end table build project. Or, even boost your garage’s organization with a french cleat shelf that holds all the tools you have lying around!

Woodworking with fine hardwood products lets you create show-stopping fixtures that you won’t get anywhere else (especially not by using cheap beadboard from Home Depot).

It’s Time for a Home Upgrade

There’s a reason why Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods has been in operation (and growing) since 1960. Fine hardwoods have always been part of the latest trend. Why? Because they’re timeless!

You can entirely transform your home with something as simple as a new paint color or updated mouldings. We’ve all seen those kitchen renos where a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets, paired with some new trim and lighting, completely changes the look of the room!

If you’re looking for the best quality products, Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods is your go-to source for interior hardwoods that fit into any home improvement project. Reach out today and get started!



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