A living room with dentil crown moulding.

Are you looking for an easy way to freshen up your interior design? Adding crown moulding profiles to your favorite spaces might be just what you’re looking for.

With a little bit of know-how, installing an architectural design element like crown moulding can prove to be a nice DIY project; but if your walls are out of square (or if you’re new to the DIY world), it might be best to bring in a pro.

Of course, you can always opt for a variety of updates that include different millwork and moulding options, but crown moulding is at the top of the list when it comes to taking the look of your home to the next level.

For anyone who is not familiar, crown moulding is the horizontal trim that typically covers the point where the ceiling and wall meet. That said, it can also be used as part of other interior design elements: as part of a door header or cornice, at the top of a pilaster and even as a component for custom mantels or shelves.

But, for our purposes, we’re going to go in-depth on using it as the finishing touch in your favorite room(s). Let’s get to it!

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Up close look at a woodworking finger joint.

Finger-jointed mouldings are a unique product that you’ve probably seen at your local home improvement store, but you’ve likely never given them a second thought. Well, we’re here to tell you that you should! While we pride ourselves on the quality when it comes to all of our hardwood products, finger joint mouldings and S4S lumber are quickly becoming best-sellers (and for good reason). Whether you use them to update your trim boards or as another DIY carpentry project like shelves or benches, finger joint products are great options for almost all painted applications.

But, at Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods, our finger-jointed hardwoods aren’t what you’ll find in big box stores – they’re better. Why? It’s all about the species of wood used to create them!

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Old home makeover on Renovation Hunters.

Older homes have charm and character that is next to impossible to capture in a new build. But, before diving head-first into the demo and remodeling of an old home, there are a few things to consider.

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Old home remodeled on Renovation Hunters near the Nebraska Sandhills.

In early 2022, Hal Shaffer and Chris Filardi gave general contractor Kevin Tarkovich a tour of a historic home in Hyannis, Nebraska. They intended to give new life to the property, as the first project on their new Outdoor Channel series, Renovation Hunters, but the term makeover was an understatement for this 19th-century home, to say the least.

Host Hal Shaffer reassured Kevin on the challenge of renovating the main street’s focal point saying, “You can take all the time you want, as long as it’s done in eight days!” So, they got to work on remodeling old homes for their show – starting in the Sandhills of Nebraska – with the help of numerous craftsmen and DIY-ers, along with some awesome brand partners (if we do say so ourselves).

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Baseboard Moulding: Putting the Final Touch in Your Home

Baseboard mouldings are an easy way to make a room stunning. Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack and his team of experts helps customers select hardwood baseboards that will add continuity, detail and beauty to their homes, and complement their décor. Steve shares with readers some stunning examples of how customers used a variety of baseboard mouldings to up the “wow” factor in their Kirtland, Ohio home.

“Often called mop boards, baseboards were originally installed not only to cover the joint between the wall surface and floor, but also to keep water from damaging walls during floor washing,” Steve said. Today, baseboard mouldings are an essential finishing touch, the cherry on top of a gorgeous room.

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