Different lumber grade options available at Baird Brothers.

Lumber is one of our most renewable natural resources. Every wood product created is completely unique, because there are even different grain patterns within the same species.

So, with all this variety, how do you know which lumber quality grade to choose? Let’s take a quick lesson on the differences between grades of lumber so that you can decide which is best for your home improvement or woodworking project.

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This Old House Modern Barnhouse in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Modern barn home designs don’t have to be plain — Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods has products that help you bring a modern feel to this type of traditionally-styled house.

This Old House’s Modern Barnhouse Idea House, located near St. Paul in Afton, Minnesota, is a master class in designing with nature in mind while building for today’s style. This 2021 Idea House was the brainchild and dream home of Amy Matthews, and the plans she developed with D/O Architects Colin Oglesbay and Aaron McCauley-Aburto outlined a 3,800 square-foot barnhouse with an open floor plan and plenty of windows. The plans were brought to life by builder Chad Maack and his team at Hartman Homes.

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Modern hardwood stair design in a home.

Welcome to the world of wood stair design!

Too often, stair components can be an overlooked aspect of your home or commercial space, but when given some attention, they can make a powerful statement. The best part is that there’s never been a better time to experiment with ideas for your wooden staircase – and you don’t have to be an interior designer or architect to dream it up.

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