Modern hardwood stair design in a home.

Welcome to the world of wood stair design!

Too often, stair components can be an overlooked aspect of your home or commercial space, but when given some attention, they can make a powerful statement. The best part is that there’s never been a better time to experiment with ideas for your wooden staircase – and you don’t have to be an interior designer or architect to dream it up.

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Red Oak’s Big League Comeback

Red Oak is more modern than you think! So, toss aside your faded memories of 1990s (and those infamous honey-brown kitchen cabinets) and take a step into the 21st century, because there are a variety of Red Oak finish options to keep pace with contemporary renovation and design.

Red Oak is a go-to for woodworkers and homeowners, alike. It’s strong. It’s versatile. And, it’s moderately priced (basically the trifecta of hardwood options). Let’s take a quick look at the trends and techniques that are leading the charge in Red Oak’s worldwide comeback.

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How Hardwood Makes A Modern Interior Feel Like Home

Modern and contemporary design, known for clean, straight lines, can run the risk of making a house feel more like a museum or showcase than a welcoming home. “Achieving a contemporary look with hardwood, a classic element, is a growing trend,” Baird Brothers Steve Stack said. “It adds a warming touch to what could be a cold, uninviting environment.”
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The 2018 Jamestown Net-Zero Project: Baird Brothers & This Old House

Anniversaries are important… especially 40th anniversaries!

So for 2018, This Old House’s 40th season, the well-known home design and renovation brand brought its A-game by taking on its first ever net-zero house.

If you’re a fan, you know that TOH has managed many challenging projects over the past 40 years. But, up to this point, the organization had never been tasked with transforming an old home into a property capable of generating all the energy it needed to run.

But, as expected, with a little collaboration and a lot of ingenuity, the Jamestown Net-Zero Project House was nothing short of stunning!

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Hardwood Takes Center Stage in Craftsman-Style Home

“The popularity of Craftsman architecture, both old and new, lies in the fact that it looks like home.”
~ Robert Winter, architectural historian

None other than Frank Lloyd Wright introduced Craftsman design in the latter years of the 19th century. Craftsman — an integral part of the American Arts and Crafts movement that incorporates elements of Mission and Shaker-style décor — was a revolt against the fussy design style of the Victorian era. This distinctively American style is synonymous with gorgeous hardwood, craftsmanship, clean lines and simple silhouettes.

“More than any other material, fine hardwood defines the Craftsman-style,” Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack said. “The straight lines that are the hallmark of this style show off the character and natural beauty of the hardwood as well as top-notch craftsmanship.”

Using stunning images from a home beautifully trimmed with Baird Brothers hardwood moldings, Steve discusses some of the features of Craftsman design.
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