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How Hardwood Makes A Modern Interior Feel Like Home

How Hardwood Makes A Modern Interior Feel Like Home

Modern and contemporary design, known for clean, straight lines, can run the risk of making a house feel more like a museum or showcase than a welcoming home. “Achieving a contemporary look with hardwood, a classic element, is a growing trend,” Baird Brothers Steve Stack said. “It adds a warming touch to what could be a cold, uninviting environment.”

Guidelines for Using Hardwood in Modern and Contemporary Décor

“While there are no hard and fast rules for using hardwood in contemporary home décor, there are plenty of ways to steer clear of colonial or country designs that some might associate with hardwood,” Steve said.

  • DO look for a smooth surface. “Perfect for this look is the almost monochromatic look of maple, white oak, or walnut in its natural colors,” Steve said.
  • DO pay attention to the grain. “A mellow-grained wood goes best with modern designs,” Steve said, adding that walnut and maple are examples of hardwoods with more subtle grain patterns.
  • DO look for linear lines in flooring. “The classic modern look is achieved with quarter-sawn hardwood,” Steve said.
  • DON’T choose woods that have knots or imperfections. “While these woods have a lot of character, they are best used for country or classic looks,” Steve said.
  • DON’T forget work areas. “Clean, smooth contemporary hardwood countertops, table tops and bar tops are popular in modern décor and add a touch of warmth, especially when paired with industrial materials like stainless steel,” Steve said.
  • DON’T go fancy with mouldings. “This is not the place for elaborate mouldings,” Steve said. “Go for simple, flat door and window casings, and baseboards.”
  • DON’T forget the doors. “A traditional panel hardwood door would be out of place in contemporary home,” Steve said. “But you’re not limited to a flush door, you can add panel configurations, but use a simple, craftsmen design with flat panels with sticking.”

Putting the Final Touches on your Interior Design Project

It’s important to select the right finish to complement the hardwood and keep true to your contemporary look. “The white washing effect is very popular,” Steve said. “Also, bright white or bold colors make a striking statement in a modern home.”

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How Hardwood Makes A Modern Interior Feel Like Home

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How Hardwood Makes A Modern Interior Feel Like Home

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How Hardwood Makes A Modern Interior Feel Like Home