Tips for Creating the Fixer Upper Rustic Modern Look in Your Home

Baird Family Room.

Are you crazy for the Fixer Upper rustic modern look popularized by HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines? You’re not alone. Many fans of the show, including farming families, city dwellers and busy suburbanites, yearn for Joanna’s signature oh-so-comfortable rustic modern look.

The Fixer Upper rustic modern look, with Joanna’s shiplap as its signature design element, harkens back to a place and time when less was more, overcrowding was frowned upon and homes were functionally practical. The look, achieved by decorating with shiplap, gorgeous hardwood flooring and other natural materials, marries the charm of rustic character with modern amenities, resulting in an informal elegance that answers today’s desire for comfortable and modern living.

The key to the Fixer Upper rustic modern look is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and natural architectural and accent elements. There’s no better way to bring nature inside than with Baird Brothers stunning, American-crafted antique oak hardwood flooring. With ample texture, warmth and interest to harmonize with the design aspects of the Fixer Upper rustic modern look, it packs pizzazz in a way that will be noticed by guests and appreciated by homeowners. And don’t forget the fifth wall: the ceiling. Unfinished, stained or neutrally painted Baird Brothers shiplap draws the eye upward and provides a cozy feel no matter the height of the walls.

If you’re considering updating with the Fixer Upper rustic modern look — the charm and warmth of a rustic dwelling, with all of the conveniences and style of a modern home — Baird Brothers can help. Baird Brothers shiplap and antique oak hardwood flooring can be ordered in a variety of species and lengths and shipped right to your doorstep. Visit or contact one of our experts at 1-800-732-1697.

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