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The 2018 Jamestown Net-Zero Project: Baird Brothers & This Old House

The 2018 Jamestown Net-Zero Project: Baird Brothers & This Old House

Anniversaries are important… especially 40th anniversaries!

So for 2018, This Old House’s 40th season, the well-known home design and renovation brand brought its A-game by taking on its first ever net-zero house.

If you’re a fan, you know that TOH has managed many challenging projects over the past 40 years. But, up to this point, the organization had never been tasked with transforming an old home into a property capable of generating all the energy it needed to run.

But, as expected, with a little collaboration and a lot of ingenuity, the Jamestown Net-Zero Project House was nothing short of stunning!

The Nitty Gritty: 2018/2019 This Old House Project

Let’s set the stage — there was a century-old New England cottage nestled in Jamestown, RI packed with charm but too small and forgotten to turn anyone’s head. Enter the new owners, Donald and Dana Powers, who had big dreams for the property AND the knowledge and background to make those dreams a reality.

Don, the founder of Union Studio architectural firm and friend of This Old House, set his sights on converting the home into a zero energy property capable of producing enough energy to meet its own consumption levels.

Together with This Old House and Sweenor Builders, Don went to work designing the footprint of his family’s home, incorporating unique, technologically advanced heating systems, wall systems and solar panels in order to accomplish the net-zero ideal.

Not Your Average Home Design

Don’t let the term “cottage” deceive you… This home abounds with spacious living areas and an overall feeling of continuity.

The front entry is open and airy, featuring the home’s original staircase (with a facelift, of course) after removing a wall that had previously made the space feel closed off and dark.

Turn right into the dining room, venture into the 15-by-13-foot kitchen and you’ll notice warm, quartersawn white oak flooring and cabinets, along with bright quartz countertops and an 8-foot-wide opening into the sunken living room.

In addition to the well-planned room layouts and overall home design, eye-catching features include several unique elements:

  • A cozy den, located off of the living room, featuring comfy furniture and sleek built-ins
  • An inviting screened-in porch with high ceilings and 180-degree views
  • A side entry mudroom with custom cubbies and cabinetry
  • Custom white oak bookshelves that span the second-floor hallway

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Baird Brothers’ Products Make Their Debut

The Jamestown Net-Zero home is, by all means, a dream home for any design enthusiast. Don knew exactly what he wanted to achieve, and Baird Brothers’ product line fell right into place with his mindset.

“It’s fun to watch our product offerings help people dream their dreams and accomplish them,” said Steve Stack, sales manager at Baird Brothers.

So what types of items did Baird Brothers supply for the project home?

Putting It All Together

Well-coordinated projects make for seamless experiences, especially in the world of residential construction. So, in just a matter of a few short months, the Powers family was able to showcase their environmentally friendly home in 13 episodes of This Old House on PBS and move right on in!

Interested in the look of Baird’s products that were featured in the Jamestown Net-Zero Project home? Simply reach out to our knowledgeable staff. Get a free estimate and discuss your ideas by calling 1-800-732-1697 or sending us a message.

And, as always, be on the lookout for new and exciting things from Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods!



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