Popular Woodworking Projects To Try This Weekend

Wood pieces and tools for a DIY project.

Custom woodworking creations can add a unique touch to any space, whether it’s inside or outside your home.

Some people choose to buy or commission the perfect piece. But for a DIYer, the great thing about a woodworking project is that it can be done at your own pace (and skill level). So, if you’re on the hunt for your next DIY design, here are some of the best, most popular woodworking projects!

Getting Started

Before starting your weekend project, make sure you have all the basic tools and supplies, including an adequate workbench (whether or not you have your own small woodworking shop). Woodworking tools range from small hand tools to larger tabletop saws, so check the tools listed in your woodworking plans to ensure that your woodworking shop is ready to go.

Steve Stack and Dan Rivers discuss popular woodworking projects.

Finding Your Next Woodworking Project

Woodworking projects are available for any skill level. If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of easy projects. We recently sat down with Dan Rivers from News Radio 570 WKBN to discuss where to find woodworking projects — and how technology has changed the availability of simple projects.

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1. Picture Frame

If you’re newer to the DIY woodworking scene, picture frames are a great entry-level project that will have you thinking, “I can do that, too!” Depending on the type of frame you want, you can use some simple S4S boards (1×2 or 1×3 are the typical go-tos) or you can opt for more intricate mouldings that add additional character to your project.

2. Coffee Table

A coffee table is a good project for moderately experienced woodworkers who want to make something truly unique when it comes to home decor. Coffee tables are also a great option for those with limited tools and working time, since they can be simple or intricate, depending on your skill level.

For someone who knows their way around a shop, Popular Woodworking Magazine has a classically designed project that breaks things down step-by-step and utilizes some beautiful walnut lumber.

3. End Table

End tables can be a simple project for beginner or intermediate woodworkers, and are a good starting point if you’re looking for something smaller than a coffee table.

End tables can be made from a variety of species for different applications and aesthetics; options range from easy DIY farmhouse style tables to dainty shaker-style designs.

4. Small Bookcase

A small bookcase is an elegant yet functional addition to any room. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you want to add more features or make the bookshelf more decorative, you’ll likely need more advanced tools on hand (like a table saw or router table).

Charcuterie board made in the Studio 3B woodworking shop.

5. Cutting Board or Charcuterie Board

Cutting boards and charcuterie boards are great beginner woodworking projects. They’re easy to make, especially if you use one single piece of wood (like we did in our recent Build It With Baird Project where we re-purposed carpet grade stair treads into custom charcuterie boards).

Even though cutting boards are a simple project, you can add your own unique twist by simply using a variety of wood species or board widths. However, when doing a project like this, it’s important to use dense hardwoods with a closed grain and food-safe finishes (like mineral oil).

6. Birdhouse

One of the most popular DIY woodworking projects is the classic birdhouse or bird feeder. This type of project is simple and easy-to-make – an ideal choice for beginners or people who want a project that can be done with children or grandchildren.

Those with more carpentry experience can use a birdhouse to show off their fine woodworking skills with intricate details and designs.

7. Jewelry Box

A DIY jewelry box makes a great Valentine’s Day gift or something that can be handed down through generations.

For a basic jewelry box, you shouldn’t need much more than a miter saw, sander and circular saw, while more intricate options can include wooden inlays and drawers.

8. Serving Tray

If you’re looking for a straightforward DIY project, consider building a serving tray.

Serving trays can be as simple as a flat piece of wood with handles or include more complex details like raised side boards with dovetail joinery.

Potting bench woodworking project.

9. Potting Bench

A potting bench is another DIY project that’s both decorative and functional.

Most gardening workbenches can be completed with few hand tools and minimal experience. Plus, when not used as a potting bench, this unique item can also function as other types of outdoor furniture (like a bar or grill cart).

10. Wine Rack

A wine rack can be a beautiful yet functional DIY project.

Like many of the other options listed above, wine racks can be simple projects or more complicated weekend endeavors, depending on the template being used. Routing jigs can help create elements that elevate a simple wine rack or you can opt for the sleek look of a simple diamond-shaped design.

Entryway bench or mudroom locker bench with storage.

11. Entryway Bench With Storage

For a truly showstopping project, experienced woodworkers can easily create a beautiful entryway bench with storage (also known as a mudroom bench) in a single weekend.

→ [Free Plans] Looking for step-by-step instruction? Download our FREE plans to build your very own mudroom bench. Material list included!

The best thing about a project like this is that the final product can reflect your own style and needs for functionality – add a shiplap accent, adjust overall height or width, add doors onto storage compartments – the possibilities are endless!

Build Your Wood Project Know-How!

Remember, before you start your next DIY project, make sure you have the right tools (whether a miter saw, table saw or router) ready and waiting… It all depends on your shop project plans!

For more inspiration when it comes to popular woodworking projects, be sure to check out https://contentstudio.bairdbrothers.com/ for a variety of step-by-step DIY tutorials. Then, start making some sawdust!


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