7 Simple Rustic Cabin Decor Ideas (Great for Hunting Cabins & Lake Houses, Too!)

Hunting cabin decor.

Hunting cabins are the perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy time with loved ones in between bonfires, fishing and hunting. When decorating a rustic cabin, there are many ways to style the interior, whether you like simple and minimal, traditional rustic or a modern farmhouse vibe. 

Here are seven simple rustic hunting cabin decor ideas that are guaranteed to transform any hunting cabin, lodge or lake house into a cozy space year-round.

Wall Art

Wall art is an easy way to add some style to a rustic cabin, and when it comes to wall decor, the options are endless! Common cabin wall decor includes wood signs, art prints, tin signs, camo designs and much, much more. 

Why not fill your walls with canvases of hunting trips, pictures of family events or even a photo of the land itself? Wall art can be incorporated into any room of a hunting lodge, from the kitchen and dining room to the bedrooms and entryways.

Have some extra time on your hands? Instead of purchasing wall art at an interior design store, consider making your own cabin signs or picture frames from hardwood picture frame mouldings!

Chandelier made from whitetail deer antlers.

A Chandelier

A chandelier might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to rustic hunting cabin decor ideas, but hear us out! The right lighting can make or break a space, and a chandelier will surely take any lake house, lodge or hunting cabin to the next level.

The best part is that chandeliers that fit into rustic hunting cabin decor don’t have to be expensive, crystal wall-hanging centerpieces. Brighten your deer hunting cabin with a light fixture made of deer antlers, lanterns, mason jars or other housewarming items instead.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to add color and texture to a room. They can create cozy nooks for reading or relaxing at a lake house and are a great way to add rustic cabin decor without a major renovation.

Have a log home? Choose solid, bright colors to add a pop of color or incorporate patterned pillows with nature elements (like bodies of water, pine trees or woodland creatures) to connect your cabin to the outside elements. You can even have a pillow made from soft animal hides!

Wooden coaster with Baird Brothers logo.

Wooden Coasters

Want to add something simple to the living room that offers functionality, too? Wooden coasters might be the rustic decor you’ve been looking for in your hunting cabin…for very little cost. Use them for drinks or simply as decoration. 

For a truly unique touch, order some hardwood lumber and make a custom coaster set of your own. There are a variety of different stain colors to choose from, so you can easily match coaster colors to other hardwoods throughout the cabin. Take your custom wood coasters one step further with personalization. Add a cabin name, a family name or favorite picture. (They even make great personalized gifts!)

Display Your Hunting Trophies

Staples in wall decor for hunting cabins include all those special hunting gifts and trophies. Afterall, is it really a hunting lodge if you aren’t displaying your hunting gear, knives, grandfather’s gun, antlers, mounts and more?

Decorate your cabin based on the hunting done in that area. For example, elk, moose, mountain goats, pheasants and bear decor are common in the West. In the South, decorate with ducks, hogs and bass. In the East (where deer hunting is popular), hang up trophies from whitetail deer, bears and ducks.


Quilts are a great way to add color and texture to a room – even a man cave. Use them as an accent piece on the bed or cover your couch with one.

A new, bright-colored quilt (whether it’s functional or simply lodge decor/wall art) can make the space feel like new. Plus, quilts are warm – perfect for your rustic home or log cabin in the colder months.

DIY wooden fishing rod holder.

Gun Rack or Fishing Rod Holder

An essential piece in any hunting cabin is a gun rack. (And if you have a lake house, a fishing rod holder can definitely come in handy, too!) Afterall, why not show off your most prized possessions as part of your interior design? Plus, when you’re ready to go out for the day, you can just grab your gun/fishing rod and go!

Display your equipment, whether that’s a rifle, shotgun, compound bow, trolling rod, casting rod or fly rod, to make your cabin feel fishing- or hunting-season-ready year-round.

→ [Free Plans] Ready to tackle an easy DIY project? Download our FREE plans to build your own fishing rod holder!

Fine Hardwood Projects for Rustic Home Decor, Cabin Decor & More!

Rustic home & cabin decor doesn’t have to feel cluttered. Even the simplest elements can make a difference! 

But, if you’re at the point where you’re looking to make a bigger upgrade than just throw pillows and wall mounts, Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods might be exactly what you’re looking for! Want flooring that’s durable and stands the test of time? New hardwood flooring elevates the room by adding a warm, homey feel (whether you choose hickory or red oak)

Wanting to make a change in the kitchen? Consider butcher block countertops. Looking to bring those 1960s-style vertical wood panels into the 21st century? Consider installing high-quality shiplap or wall paneling stocked in poplar, red oak, maple, cherry and finger-jointed primed poplar!

When it comes to your hardwood product needs, from small woodworking projects to crown mouldings and interior doors, Baird Brothers has you (and your floors…and your walls) covered. If you’re looking to enhance your rustic cabin, lodge or hunting cabin decor/design, check us out online or call our sales staff today to get started!