Clean the Sawdust Out Of Your Ears & Check Out these Top 10 Woodworker Podcasts

Home builder industry experts at the American Hardwood Advisor studio.

Podcasts are a great resource for all things woodworking, and there are a variety of shows aimed at woodworkers of all skill levels.

In this blog, we’ll count down the top 10 woodworker podcasts for our fellow woodworking enthusiasts, no matter if you’re a beginner, hobbyist or experienced craftsman. So, grab your hand tools, turn up your speakers and settle in for some of the best woodworking industry talk!

Before We Hit the Woodworking Podcast Airwaves…

It’s probably important to explain what a podcast is for some folks who aren’t quite sure.

A podcast is like a modern-day radio talk show, except it’s a digital audio file that is put on an internet-based platform (like Apple Podcasts or Spotify). You can explore, download and listen to the content on your own time, and if you become a subscriber to a certain channel, you get notifications of new episodes automatically.

Sometimes, podcast hosts have their own sites where you can listen to the episodes, or they post video versions of the podcast content on a Youtube channel. (Our own American Hardwood Advisor is an example of this – all podcast episode videos are available on our Content Studio.)

1. American Hardwood Advisor

AHA podcast episode on the latest home design trends.

Straight out of Studio 3B in Canfield, Ohio, American Hardwood Advisor’s host, Steve Stack from Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods, sits down with guest builders and industry leaders. This unique podcast covers topics like industry trends, tips and insights while also diving into related topics like sustainability, business operations and product installation techniques.

2. Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast

Modern Woodworkers podcast logo.

Focused on the craft of woodworking and the greater community of woodworkers, hosts Mark Hicks, Sean Wisniewski and Kyle Barton discuss techniques, tools and projects on the Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast. They also talk with professional woodworkers, creating a platform to share knowledge and experiences.

3. Woodworking With The Wood Whisperer

Woodworking with the Wood Whisperer podcast logo.

Hosted by Marc Spagnuolo, Woodworking With The Wood Whisperer is useful for hobbyists and experts alike. Each episode features a different topic, such as tool reviews, sharpening techniques, tips for beginners and so on. If you’re looking for specific advice on anything related to woodworking (including how to start your own business), then we highly recommend checking out this podcast.

4. Fine Woodworking – Shop Talk Live

Fine Woodworking - Shop Talk Live podcast logo.

Brought to you by Fine Woodworking Magazine editors, this podcast covers a wide range of topics including tool reviews, technique demonstrations and project builds. The goal of this podcast is to provide listeners with valuable information and inspiration for their own woodworking projects, as well as highlight talented woodworkers in the industry.

5. Splinters with Gary Rogowski

Splinters podcast logo.

Focused on the artistic aspects of woodworking, Splinters’ host, Gary Rogowski, looks at furniture building techniques. Episodes range in time from 5 minutes to just under an hour, some with special guests. Rogowski’s Northwest Woodworking Studio (a school for woodworkers where he also teaches) is based out of Portland, Ore.

6. Against the Grain

Against the Grain podcast logo.

Whether you’re taking a break from a DIY project like making a workbench or cutting board or are a maker searching for fresh ideas, Against the Grain Podcast has something for you. Hosted by Freddy Ramon, Justin DiPalma and Guy Dunlap, this podcast is aimed at educating and inspiring not just makers but also restorers.

7. WoodTalk

WoodTalk podcast logo.

A favorite of the modern woodworker, hosts Marc Spagnuolo, Shannon Rogers and Matt Cremona are known for their light-hearted discussion on the WoodTalk podcast, which shares news, tricks and tips in the woodworking world.

8. Shop Sounds Podcast

Shop Sounds podcast logo.

Jason Hibbs, Nick Key and Keith Johnson host this easygoing and fun “podcast about nothing.” In fact, one subscriber described the Custom Woodworking podcast as “Seinfeld, but around woodworking.” Check it out!

9. ShopNotes Podcast

ShopNotes podcast logo.

In this weekly podcast, hosts John Doyle, Logan Wittmer and Phil Huber discuss what they’ve learned about woodworking and share the scoop on what’s going on in the woodworking world. Listener questions are answered, and sometimes special interviews are part of the podcast.

10. Woodshop Life Podcast

Woodshop Life podcast logo.

This bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Guy Dunlap, Huy Huynh and Sean Walker, is what listeners call an “easy listen” and “great format” with “good banter and good information.” Listen in on topics like building custom furniture, business and more.

BONUS (Honorable Mention): The Woodpreneur Podcast – Honorable Mention

Woodpreneur podcast logo.

All sorts of woodworking topics are talked about in the Woodpreneur Podcast, from sustainable sourcing and design to sawmill operations and tree service. Maybe you’re looking to quit your job and turn your garage into a space filled with table saws, clamps and hand planes. Or maybe you’re searching for insights from large-scale companies that have seen success in the industry. Whatever the case, these podcast episodes cover it all.

Tune in For More Industry Podcasts

We hope you enjoy this list of woodworker podcasts to learn a little more about the craft.

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Now, go make some sawdust!