How to Place Custom Hardwood Orders Online

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Did you know that you can place custom hardwood orders online at Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods? While some custom orders need help from a salesman, several hardwood products can be purchased through Baird’s online portal. Learn more about all your options to order online!

What You Need to Know Before You Order Online

Ordering made-to-order high-quality wood products online is a great option for those who know exactly what they need. It’s an easy option for both an experienced woodworker and the average homeowner. But, it’s important to keep in mind that there may be several options for a variety of products, so it’s important to know what you want before you buy.

Have any questions? Our supportive sales staff can walk you through the ordering (and designing) process. Call today!

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Wood Species

No matter what product you’re purchasing, you need to know which wood species is best for the project. Choosing a species depends on the style of your home, the desired finishing color (unfinished or prefinished) and what the product is being used for. Some wood species are great wood flooring options for high-traffic areas because they’re durable and scratch-resistant; others look great but need to be used in applications where less wear and tear takes place.

Wood Species Options

    • Red Oak — Commonly used for cabinetry, furniture, flooring, dowel rods, mouldings and trim (also available as quarter sawn).
    • Hard Maple — Commonly used for cabinetry, furniture, bowling alleys, gym floors and cutting boards.
    • Cherry — Commonly used for interior doors, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, mouldings and trim.
    • Poplar — Commonly used for interior doors, furniture, dimensional lumber, dowel rods, mouldings and trim.
    • Hickory — Commonly used for flooring, tool handles, sports equipment, ladder rungs and smoking meat.
    • Walnut — Commonly used for interior doors, furniture, cabinetry, dowel rods, mouldings and trim.
    • White Oak – Commonly used for dowel rods, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, mouldings and trim (also available in quarter sawn).
    • Eastern White Pine — A softwood commonly used for mouldings, furniture, cabinetry, dimensional lumber and boat building.

Lori Baird and Steve Stack during an episode of American Hardwood Advisor.

See For Yourself In Our Full Showroom

If the thought of ordering hardwoods online is overwhelming, Baird Brothers has a full showroom filled with every type of hardwood product you can imagine — plus our expert team members are ready and able to assist.

In a recent episode of our American Hardwood Advisor podcast, Lori Baird, second-generation owner, discusses how our expansive showroom came to be and how the family business has grown from generation to generation.

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High-Quality Products Available for Online Checkout

Want to order online? Learn more about the items you can custom order online.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

With our hardwood flooring options, you can select your species, board width (narrow or wide plank floors), edge, finish, stain color and square foot.

Woodworking Lumber

Select softwood lumber, hardwood lumber, hardwood plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard) lumber or plywood, and rough lumber are all available online. Species, dimensions, board feet, finish and stain color can all be customized, based upon your project needs.


Select casing, baseboard, crown moulding, chair rail and bar top rail styles are available online. Prior to checking out, you can choose species, length, finish and stain color. If you’re looking to match a previously installed custom moulding, one of our sales team members will be happy to help!

Shiplap interior siding from Baird Brothers.

Shiplap Interior Siding

Shiplap and nickel gap siding has become extremely popular, and Baird Brothers is your one-stop-shop for all of these great products. Select species, length, finish and stain colors are all available online.

Stair Parts

Stairways are a focal point in many homes. At Baird Brothers, you can find everything you need, including handrails, treads, risers, newel posts, balusters, spindles and even iron stair parts. Select species, sizes, lengths, finishes and stain colors are available online.


Mantels are an easy way to update the look of your living room or den. Select from a variety of mantle styles, species, lengths, finishes and stain colors online. If you’re looking for something more custom, simply give us a call.

Some custom products are not available to purchase through our website, such as interior doors and butcher block countertops. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss these options in more detail.

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