How to utilize sliding barn doors to get the most out of your room

Baird Brothers Sliding Door.

Adding style to your home has never been easier; just ask HGTV,, or the DIY network. Trendy and fashionable design ideas offered to homeowners are at an all-time high. The possibilities are endless but one, however, stands out above the rest and may just be changing the floor plan of your house forever. Convenient, stylish, and easy to install or have installed, this new trend will have you questioning why you never switched to it before.

 A sliding barn door can have a substantial impact on a home stylistically as well as functionally, and fits in most types of homes ranging from modern open floors to ranches and cape cods. It all comes down to space-saving engineering. Essentially the door itself slides along an exposed track, allowing for extra space around the door when opened or closed with a zero swing radius and also giving not just the illusion of more space in any size room when it is left open, but actually delivering.

This could mean a few things for you as a homeowner. The perks of a sliding barn door are solving quite a few problems posed by a normal hinge style, such as:

–      More space surrounding doors for access, decorations, or furniture

–      Personal stylistic options like paint color choices for an accent

–      Wood finishes complimenting trim and wall colors

–      Conversation point with visitors

How to utilize sliding barn doors to get the most out of your room

All of this being said, the door still needs installed and it couldn’t be easier. There are a few ways to accent your decorating style, each feasible to the average homeowner or hired expert. You just have to fasten track across the wall that you can purchase here, working the sleek and unassuming new addition into the décor and style of your home. Whether that style is modern and minimal, decorative or traditional, or anything else is up to you.

“The versatility of these doors means that several different styles can be executed depending on your selection of wood species, hardware, and finish,” says our expert, Steve Stack. “So ask the professionals and see if this option is right for you. Installing out-of-wall doors is much safer, and there are so many different looks and options to choose from.”

It’s all up to the homeowner, and quality hardwood can be found right here at Baird Brothers for any look in any home. From hollow to solid, flush or paneled, finished oak, maple, and mahogany, the types of wood and options for finishes are nearly endless and guaranteed to last. So stop by our Canfield, Ohio location or check our website to see our many barn door options as well as popular design ideas. You can also get advice for your new home addition from experts to get you on the right track and keep you there.