Tool Talk: What Equipment Is Needed for Cutting Trees?

Shears and a pruning saw for trimming trees.

You need the right tools to cut down trees — and do it safely. That’s why most tree removal companies, like Baird’s Tree Service, utilize only the best equipment in order to get the most out of their time, effort, and energy.

Follow along as we talk with an industry expert to discuss the common equipment needed, whether you’re simply pruning back a single tree or interested in removing multiple.

Heavy Equipment for Landscaping Projects

Tree-cutting equipment is more heavy-duty than average landscaping tools. And since tree service companies typically offer a variety of services, they also need a variety of tools (including equipment for tree cutting, tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding).

Matt Baird and Steve Stack recording an episode of American Hardwood Advisor.

How Does Tree Cutting Impact Lumber and the Environment?

Tree cutting and forestry management go hand in hand. Tree removal is often one of the best things for a forest — or any lawn with a lot of foliage. Tall trees block sun rays and take away much-needed nutrients from smaller plants. Plus, old trees decay and release carbon into the atmosphere. Cutting down trees at the right time and turning them into lumber actually prevents those carbon emissions!

Want to know more about tree cutting and the tree removal process? In a recent episode of our American Hardwood Advisor podcast, Matt Baird, owner of Baird’s Tree Service, stops by Studio 3B to talk tree removal and tree-cutting tools.

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When it comes to the average homeowner, it’s important to keep in mind that many of these tree-related processes can be dangerous and should be completed by a professional.

If you own a significant amount of land and are interested in learning more about forest management, there are a variety of companies who can guide you on the process of respectfully and properly harnessing timber resources.

For a deeper dive into sustainable forestry and the environmental impact of timber harvesting, check out our recent blog, All About Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Hardwood: Flooring, Lumber & More.

Tree Felling (AKA Cutting Down a Tree) Equipment

Felling is the process of cutting down a tree, and it’s a skill that requires careful attention to safety. Before you start felling trees, make sure that all your tree-cutting tools are sharp and in good working order. Also, clear the area around where you plan on cutting down trees, ensuring that it’s free of obstacles or people who could get hurt by falling branches.

Tree-cutting tools include different types of hatchets and saw blades. It is common to use hand saws on smaller tree branches and then gas-powered or electric chainsaws on tree trunks and thick branches.

For large trees or situations where areas are hard to reach, tree service companies may also introduce heavy equipment like bucket trucks and cranes.

Properly trimmed tree as part of a home’s landscaping.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Tools

Tree pruning is the process of cutting away dead, diseased or unwanted branches from a tree. It’s usually done in the spring and summer when trees are beginning to grow again.

Pruning helps promote strong, healthy growth by removing dead wood, which becomes a weak point on larger limbs that can break during storms or high winds. Pruning also keeps trees looking nice by controlling height so they don’t block sunlight from other plants growing underneath.

Common tree-trimming tools include the following:

    • Hand Pruners

      – These are small but very sharp blades that are attached to two metal handles. They’re used for cutting small branches and twigs up to 1/2 inch in diameter.

    • Hedge Shears

      – A pair of long-handled shears designed for trimming hedges into neat shapes. They usually have one blade that cuts on the push stroke and another blade that cuts on the pull stroke; this makes it easier to cut through thick branches.

    • Loppers

      – A lopper is a larger tool that requires the use of both hands: its two handles each have their own blade. A lopper is used when trying to reach high places.

    • Pole Saw

      – A pole saw has a long pole with a saw blade at the end that can cut through out-of-reach tree branches. Pole saws come in manual, gas-powered, and electric options. Check out these options from Stihl.

    • Pruning Saw

      – Pruning saws are specifically designed for tree trimming. They have a narrow blade with teeth at an angle to the handle. These tree trimmer saws typically have a curved blade for easy shaping.

Downed tree ready for tree removal.

Tree Removal Equipment

Removing large trees from your yard can be difficult. Big trees are often removed by a professional tree service, but they can also be cut up into smaller, easier-to-move pieces of wood and left in the yard.

Wood chippers are often incorporated to quickly chip branches into very small pieces. Wood chipping breaks down the total volume of the wood, making it easier to transfer. However, it’s important to have a plan for what you will do with the wood chips beforehand.

When removing a tree from a yard, it’s common for arborists to use a combination of harnesses, carabiners, and pulleys to move heavy trees.

Stump grinding is also an important component of removing large trees from a yard and is often much more efficient than stump removal. As with the wood chips produced by a chipper, the mulch created by a stump grinder can be used throughout the yard or for other plants.

Easy, Cheap Tools to Boost Safety

Whether your focus is tree cutting and pruning or full tree removal, safety should be a priority for all involved.

Work gloves should be worn to protect hands, safety glasses should be worn to protect eyes from debris, and ear plugs should be worn to protect ears from the loud noises produced by power tools. Also, just to be safe, always have a first aid kit on hand.

Sustainable Hardwoods and Tree Cutting Services Go Hand In Hand

Although Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods isn’t directly involved with timber harvesting or tree cutting services, we appreciate the fact that they are important components of our lumber industry. Afterall, sustainably sourced hardwood products make the most of our favorite natural, renewable resource and also help to lessen carbon emissions in the process.

So, next time you’re outside pruning with all that fancy equipment for cutting trees, you can appreciate all that goes into harvesting timber on larger properties (helping to keep forests healthy and beautify your home at the same time!).

Interested in learning more about Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods and the products we offer? Visit us online or give our staff a call to discuss your next woodworking project or home improvement.