This Old House Farmhouse in Fairfield has a rustic look with upscale features

Who says farmhouses have to feel like century homes? 

This Old House challenged the norm with their 2020 Farmhouse in Fairfield Idea House, located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Baird Brothers celebrated our third year partnering with the This Old House brand on this build (along with the other 2020 Idea House, Cottage On The Cape). 

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DIY Shiplap Accent Wall Installation Guide

You don’t need to be a contractor with decades of experience to install your own shiplap wall… you just need to know the process behind doing it the right way!

Achieving this rustic look, popularized by the tv show Fixer Upper (and often highlighted in This Old House’s Idea House projects) does, however, take a little planning. So, in this easy 10-step tutorial, we break down the process, from start to finish. 

For those who require a more visual “how-to,” check out our most recent video—How to Install Shiplap – The Only Tutorial You Need—where we partner with Christy at Oak Hill Millworks for a quick facelift to the accent wall in her own home!

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In the midst of all things COVID, This Old House has been busy pumping out content for home enthusiasts, craftsmen and builders across the nation. And, while the 2020 TOH Cape Cod Idea House reveal was quite a bit different than previous years, the home (known as Cottage on the Cape) was nothing short of stunning…and Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods is proud to be a part of it!

While most viewers follow This Old House on PBS, the brand’s newer Idea House Build Series allows fans to join Pro2Pro Editor Chris Ermides as he chronicles two separate 2020 Idea House builds. A virtual grand opening for the Cape Idea House was held on July 16, and full episodes of the project are available online.

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Baird Shiplap Antique Oak Flooring.

Popularized by Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” decorating with shiplap has taken on a life of its own. Fans of the show even refer to the versatile hardwood paneling as Joanna’s shiplap. While it originated as a sturdy exterior framing material on the western plains, shiplap is now being incorporated into the design of modern Los Angeles cliff homes, accenting walls in New York City lofts, and, of course, providing gorgeous clean lines to achieve the Fixer Upper rustic modern look in homes in Waco, Texas.

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Local Products, Nationally Recognized Project: TOH’s 2018 Idea House.

Late spring 2018, Baird Brothers jumped on a call that would (yet again) change the trajectory of the well-established, family-owned company.

Decades of twists and turns in the economy and multiple advances in technology had positioned Baird Brothers as a leader in the lumber and fine hardwoods industry, but for the first time (because of that ONE call) the company was on a national (and international) stage — standing under the bright lights that are This Old House.

The project? The 2018 Idea House.

The goal? Deliver the highest quality products to the best (and most well-known) home improvement juggernaut in the United States…and fast!

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Red Oak’s Big League Comeback

Red Oak is more modern than you think! So, toss aside your faded memories of 1990s (and those infamous honey-brown kitchen cabinets) and take a step into the 21st century, because there are a variety of Red Oak finish options to keep pace with contemporary renovation and design.

Red Oak is a go-to for woodworkers and homeowners, alike. It’s strong. It’s versatile. And, it’s moderately priced (basically the trifecta of hardwood options). Let’s take a quick look at the trends and techniques that are leading the charge in Red Oak’s worldwide comeback.

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Premium Hardwood Bars are the Centerpiece of Man Caves

Did you know the term “man cave” was popularized in the 1992 book Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars? The theory is that when something troubles the Venusians, they’ll group together with others from Venus and talk it out. When Martians feel perplexed, they go to their cave to be alone and think things through.

Male/female analysis aside, what a man cave really boils down to is a cool space for Dad that’s fabulous, functional and fits his style. “The man cave is all about taking advantage of square footage in the basement and turning it into livable space,” said Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack. “And the ultimate gathering spot for that space is the bar.” Customers can provide sketches, drawings, plans or layouts and Baird Brothers will work with them to come up with a list of project materials for their one-of-a-kind bar. In this Hardwood Advisor, Steve shares some customers’ gorgeous finished home basement bar projects.

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Hardwood Gives Basements Warmth and Charm

Is 2019 the year you’ll transform your drab basement into gorgeous, valuable living space?

“With texture and vibrant color, fine American hardwood can help you create a natural, warm, welcoming feeling in your basement,” Baird Brothers Steve Stack said. Thinking about taking advantage of that extra square footage down under? Steve has some floor-to-ceiling suggestions to incorporate gorgeous hardwood into your basement design.
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Baseboard Moulding: Putting the Final Touch in Your Home

Baseboard mouldings are an easy way to make a room stunning. Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack and his team of experts helps customers select hardwood baseboards that will add continuity, detail and beauty to their homes, and complement their décor. Steve shares with readers some stunning examples of how customers used a variety of baseboard mouldings to up the “wow” factor in their Kirtland, Ohio home.

“Often called mop boards, baseboards were originally installed not only to cover the joint between the wall surface and floor, but also to keep water from damaging walls during floor washing,” Steve said. Today, baseboard mouldings are an essential finishing touch, the cherry on top of a gorgeous room.

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How Hardwood Makes A Modern Interior Feel Like Home

Modern and contemporary design, known for clean, straight lines, can run the risk of making a house feel more like a museum or showcase than a welcoming home. “Achieving a contemporary look with hardwood, a classic element, is a growing trend,” Baird Brothers Steve Stack said. “It adds a warming touch to what could be a cold, uninviting environment.”
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