Superior Hardwood: An Investment In Beauty And Durability

Second Floor Railing made out of Hardwood.

Everyone loves a good deal. We’ve all seen advertisements, commercials and in-store sales promoting cheaply made hardwood products. Though the sticker price is appealing, inferior hardwood is no bargain. In this Hardwood Advisor, Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack talks about the unmatched quality of fine hardwood, and how Baird Brothers’ customers can be assured that their investment will pay off for generations.

An investment that pays off in durability

Steve uses a footwear analogy to illustrate the long-term value of buying quality hardwood. “You can buy cheap running shoes that look about the same as the best-name brands, but there’s a difference and it will show up in the durability,” he said “If you’re running a marathon, you’re going to buy the best, not the least expensive because down the road, you want to have a shoe that supports you and stays intact.” It’s the same with hardwood. “There’s a noticeable difference between Baird Brothers’ hardwood and what you’d find at a do-it-yourself or hardwood liquidator store. Baird Brother’s hardwood has a richness that won’t fade away, generation after generation.”

Baird Brothers vs. Big Box Retailers

When you invest in Baird Brothers’ hardwood, you know that you’re buying a superior, American-made product. At big box stores, for example, doors are a commodity item and are often manufactured overseas. Baird Brothers’ solid panel doors, like the hardwood floors, mouldings and stair components, are handcrafted at the mill in Canfield, Ohio. “Furniture and cabinetmakers who require the best materials rely on us to supply plywood with a wood-ply inner core versus a particle wood core that is typically found in superstore plywood products,” Steve said. Because vapors from cheap glues can be harmful, Baird Brothers uses safe, VOC-compliant adhesives used to bond lumber.

Quality Craftsmanship

One of the reasons discount hardwood dealers are able to offer the low prices is that they sacrifice the quality of wood and workmanship. The beautiful Oak, Poplar, Maple and Cherry, Hickory, Ash and Walnut used to make Baird Brothers’ fine hardwood mouldings, flooring, doors, stair components are harvested from the Appalachian forest region. “When you start with a quality natural resource and put it in the hands of our expert craftsmen, they’re able to bring out the best in the wood, “ Steve said. From the kiln process, which establishes stability, to the workmanship that shows in the warmth and beauty of the hardwood, every detail is covered. “It’s both a matter of standards and craftsmen pride. It’s done right every time and it shows.”

For an inside look at the quality workmanship that goes into crafting Baird Brothers’ fine hardwood, check out this video of the daily workings at our mill in Canfield, Ohio: