You Can Trust Baird Brothers’ 100% American Hardwoods

You Can Trust Baird Brothers’ 100% American Hardwoods

For most homeowners, cost is a factor when buying hardwood floors. The big box stores and deep discount suppliers offer what seem to be great deals. But do you know what you’re getting when you load up your cart with bargain hardwood? Where is the lumber from? What adhesives were used? Where was the product made and who made it?

In this Hardwood Advisor, Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack discusses why “Made in America” is an important consideration when purchasing hardwood products.

American lumber from Appalachian forests

The beautiful Oak, Poplar, Maple and Cherry, Hickory, Ash and Walnut used to make our fine hardwood mouldings, flooring, doors, stair components and more are harvested from the Appalachian forest region. “We only deal with lumber suppliers who promote the responsible management of forests, so we know that we’re doing our part to ensure the sustainability of one of our nation’s valued natural resources, hardwood forests,” Steve said.

Safe wood adhesives protect our workers and your family

Since Baird Brothers’ beginnings, 65 years ago, Franklin International, an 80-year-old family-run company located right here in the Buckeye State, has supplied us with the safe, VOC-compliant adhesives. “The adhesives we use are safe for both our workers and our customers,” Steve said. “We confidently use Titebond products in our mill and sell them in our showroom and online.”

Hardwood made right in the heartland

In 1960, three brothers founded Baird Brothers in Canfield, Ohio. Today, Baird Brothers remains a family business as their children have followed in their footsteps and are active in the day-to-day operations. “Tradition means something at Baird Brothers.” Steve said. “Like the first American craftsman in this region, we take pride in providing customers with the finest hardwood.”

Supporting the American workforce

When you bring Baird Brothers’ hardwood into your home, you’re supporting the more-than 100 employees at Baird Brothers, their families and the eastern Ohio, and western Pennsylvania communities where they live. Besides enjoying a strong business in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, Baird Brothers ships products to all 50 states and Canada. “American workers are using America’s renewable resources to make gorgeous hardwood for American homes,” Steve said. “You can feel pride in helping the nation’s economy and confident that you’re buying the best American-made hardwood to help beautify your family’s home.”