Using Real American Hardwood: A More Sustainable World

Men practicing sustainable forestry management.

Your environment matters – whether we’re talking about your living room, your neighborhood or the world. It’s important to be forward-thinking when making decisions about our own best interests, and that’s why green business practices matter to us!

Sustainability is a major focus at Baird Brothers. We’ve been using zero waste and environmentally sustainable practices for decades and will continue doing so for decades more. Our passion for sustainability is one of the many reasons we believe that wood products are important for the future of our forests, and we believe that the use of real American hardwood results in a greener world, not to mention a more relaxing home!

Learn More About Sustainability

Over the years we’ve made sustainability a key focus of our business, from repurposing cutoffs to using sawdust to heat our facilities. Check out some of our podcast episodes where we sit down with industry professionals to discuss the benefits of utilizing natural building materials – for our own health and for that of this country we call home.

Steve Stack talking to Amy Shields about sustainable wood products.

Partnering for a Better Tomorrow

Baird Brothers isn’t the only company in the American Hardwood industry that is passionate about our environment. We have plenty of friends like Amy Shields of the Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group who are also working to educate people on how sustainable wood products actually are.

We’ve recently partnered with the Real American Hardwood Coalition, as well. Why? The RAHC is working to build a greener tomorrow by spreading the word on the benefits of incorporating real wood. The RAHC is a promotion initiative made up of more than 2,100 hardwood producing companies that are dedicated to creating a more sustainable world through responsible forestry practices.
A kitchen with wood cabinetry overlooking the forest.

The Real American Hardwood Coalition Launches Build Your World Advertising Campaign

Recently, RAHC launched the Build Your World campaign. Developed by CANVAS United, the Build Your World campaign looks to educate people (via multiple networks like Hulu, Youtube, Magnolia Network and social media platforms) about the benefits of using American hardwood…we’re talking in-depth information on product appearance, durability, sustainability, lifetime value and more!

Michael Martin, the CEO of the National Wood Flooring Association and a member of RAHC called it the first campaign of its scale for the American hardwood industry. With this amount of reach, more people will discover the durability and sustainability of real wood products – and seek out the resources available on realamericanhardwood.com.

Additionally, all members of the organization deliver a U.S. domestic product, meaning that their items are sourced and produced domestically – supporting American jobs and our own environmental landscape.

Benefits of Real American Hardwood Products

Real wood products don’t just benefit the environment – they provide a much-needed boost to your overall lifestyle. There are many new products on the market that try to mimic the wood look – but these look-alikes can’t mimic the feel of wood and its benefits to the environment.

Sustainable forestry practices harvest trees in such a way that the environment’s needs remain balanced – and selectively harvesting forest areas is especially important in regulating biodiversity. Old growth trees (which store carbon even when used to create hardwood products) allow young trees to grow and more efficiently absorb carbon. This means that when you order local wood products from America, you’re cutting down on carbon emissions rather than increasing them.

Not only that but having real wood in your home is good for you. Houses with real American hardwood flooring, cabinetry and other furniture have better air quality than those that don’t, since real wood doesn’t host allergens or contaminants.

Another benefit that might surprise you is that, when compared to other building materials, hardwoods have a positive impact on your mental health. Having real wood around is shown to reduce stress and increase relaxation. And, who doesn’t like that?
A woman relaxing in a living room with wood flooring.

An Inside Look at Baird Brother’s Environmental Focus

In addition to working with organizations that practice sustainable timber harvesting, our manufacturing processes take that environmental focus one step further. In fact, our wide variety of products are made by utilizing nearly every inch of purchased timber.

We use hardwood cutoffs to create finger-jointed mouldings that are significantly stronger than their manufactured MDF counterparts. And, when it comes to materials that would otherwise be thrown aside, we grind them into sawdust that’s burned to heat our dry kilns and buildings.

It’s sustainability at its finest, and we’re proud of what we do! Whether we’re shipping to California or right around the corner, you can rest assured that you’re getting a superior product made with a focus on the future.

Reap the Benefits of Real American Hardwood

When it comes to groups that are poised to make a positive difference in our environment, Real American Hardwood Coalition is at the top of the list. Not only do they focus on industry stability but they are also committed to making our world a better place – for our generation and the generations to come!

Using real American hardwood in your home can help you create a beautiful living room or a more beautiful world. When you’re ready to source real materials and are looking for a sustainable supply chain – look no further than Baird Brothers.

We promise properly sourced hardwood products and high-quality millwork in a wide variety of species. Shop our online store or contact one of our experts to start building a better environment not only for yourself but for the rest of the world, too.