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Mobile Home Remodel: 8 DIY Projects to Refresh Your Living Space

A remodeled mobile home that looks brand new.

The popularity of mobile home living is on the rise. Mobile homes – also known as manufactured homes – are often more affordable than site-built homes. They’re energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and can be a beautiful, custom home or getaway with the right touches.

If you’re looking for ideas when it comes to your mobile home remodel, these eight DIY projects can make your dream home a reality.

How Do You Remodel a Manufactured Home?

There really isn’t a big difference between remodeling an on-site home or a mobile home. A mobile home makeover starts the same way – by determining your budget.

If you live in an old mobile home you’ll want to take a look at the structure itself and make sure it isn’t in need of attention before moving on to remodeling how the space feels.

Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

Whether you’re looking to remodel a double wide or single wide mobile home, a good renovation can make everything feel brand new and give you a more spacious home look. It doesn’t matter if this is your home year-round or a family getaway – we have some inspiration for your mobile home makeover no matter how many square feet it has.

1. Switch Up Your Skirting

A DIY project that can easily make your living space feel like a totally new mobile home is to replace the skirting. Skirting tends to take more of a beating than the rest of the house, so it’s a good idea to prioritize it during your mobile home renovation – plus, it’s not difficult to do on your own.

2. Replace Countertops

A mobile home kitchen featuring new countertops.

Looking for a kitchen remodel? New countertops can make a mobile home kitchen feel like new. With a little bit of know-how you can even do it yourself! There are plenty of countertop materials to consider when upgrading your space from manufacturer-grade finishes, but why not make your home feel truly unique with some butcher block or plank top accents?

3. Bring In New Backsplash

Another easy kitchen or bathroom remodel is to replace your backsplash. This is a project that can be done on your own if you have intermediate DIY skills (especially with some of the newer products that have hit the market). Plus, there are tons of options to choose from: ceramic, natural stone, glass tile, stainless steel and more.

While you’re at it, consider replacing old, outdated faucets. It’s a small change that can make a huge difference!

4. Replace Kitchen Cabinets or Shelving

This is a great way to refresh your mobile home kitchen. New cabinets and additional shelving will not only change the look of your home’s interior – it will change it will help with functionality, too. All it takes is some general DIY know-how and tools. Not feeling up to the challenge? Contact a professional and discuss your options!

A common problem with modular homes is that they tend to lack storage space. You can address this by adding shelving in areas throughout the home. Consider floating shelves in the kitchen or add some built-ins in the living room (they’re modifications that also impact decor!). Interested in DIY-ing? Check out our step-by-step guide for building a beautiful mudroom bench!

5. Upgrade Paint Color, Add Mouldings – Boost Design

If your mobile home walls are looking a little drab, adding a new coat of paint is an easy DIY project that can brighten up your space. Picking the right color can even help your living room or master bedroom look bigger.

Looking for something that packs a bigger punch? Consider adding crown moulding, shiplap or vertical batten (which can be used to cover any wall seams that exist). These details can really bring some high-end character to your living space.

6. Brighten Up With New Light Fixtures

Speaking of making a space feel bigger – lighting can have a lot to do with it! If you feel like your mobile home is a little too cramped, you may want to look into new light fixtures. Opaque or shaded lights tend to make places feel small, whereas the right lighting like pendant lights or wall sconces can make a place feel more expansive.

A man installing new doors as part of a mobile home remodel.

7. Get New Interior and Exterior Doors

Doors can take on a lot of wear and tear and tend to show age pretty quickly, especially if they’re a lower-quality, hollow-core version. Unsure of the pros and cons of different door types? We’ve got a great video that explains exactly what’s inside!

The good news is that replacing interior doors isn’t hard to do – and there’s a large variety of designs that deliver an opportunity to add extra style to your mobile home renovation. Sometimes replacing original doors with barn doors gives you the ability to move furniture around and create a better flow to your space.

Exterior doors can also have a big impact – you may even be able to replace some original ones with sliding glass doors. This easy change allows in more light and gives a wow factor to areas that lead to decking or back patios.

8. Refresh With New Flooring

A mobile home living room with new wood floors.

One of the easiest ways to add value to any home – manufactured or not – is by adding new floors. Wood floors in particular can easily increase the value of your property thanks to their long life and timeless charm. Wood floors aren’t difficult to install, especially depending on the installation method you choose. For manufactured homes, typically engineered wood flooring is the best option.

Make Your Dream Home a Reality

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Shop our online store or contact one of our professionals to discuss the details of your project, and get to building with Baird.