Transcript taken directly from the Build It With Baird Tips for Sanding & Finishing Wood episode.

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DIY Shiplap Accent Wall Installation Guide

You don’t need to be a contractor with decades of experience to install your own shiplap wall… you just need to know the process behind doing it the right way!

Achieving this rustic look, popularized by the tv show Fixer Upper (and often highlighted in This Old House’s Idea House projects) does, however, take a little planning. So, in this easy 10-step tutorial, we break down the process, from start to finish. 

For those who require a more visual “how-to,” check out our most recent video—How to Install Shiplap – The Only Tutorial You Need—where we partner with Christy at Oak Hill Millworks for a quick facelift to the accent wall in her own home!

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Mantel Shelf Install: Taking a Closer Look

Have you been steadily checking home improvement projects off your list over the past couple of months? If so, this blog might be for you!

The May 7th episode of Ask This Old House, “Mantel, Too Many Light Switches,” follows along with mason Mark McCullough as he travels to Chicago to help install a wood mantel – made and shipped from Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods – on a 1980s contemporary stone fireplace.

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Baird Shiplap Antique Oak Flooring.

Popularized by Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” decorating with shiplap has taken on a life of its own. Fans of the show even refer to the versatile hardwood paneling as Joanna’s shiplap. While it originated as a sturdy exterior framing material on the western plains, shiplap is now being incorporated into the design of modern Los Angeles cliff homes, accenting walls in New York City lofts, and, of course, providing gorgeous clean lines to achieve the Fixer Upper rustic modern look in homes in Waco, Texas.

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Second Floor Railing made out of Hardwood.

Everyone loves a good deal. We’ve all seen advertisements, commercials and in-store sales promoting cheaply made hardwood products. Though the sticker price is appealing, inferior hardwood is no bargain. In this Hardwood Advisor, Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack talks about the unmatched quality of fine hardwood, and how Baird Brothers’ customers can be assured that their investment will pay off for generations.

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The Baird Brothers Story.

When a business has almost 60 years of history and experience to fall back on, it shows. Like Walmart, Nike and other well-established brands, Baird Brothers has been around since the 1960s.

Unlike most companies today, they didn’t start up with any sort of complicated business plan, financing or a marketing strategy. They didn’t even have a logo.

The business was born out of necessity and a desire to make something with what was available at hand.

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