Level-Up Interior Design With These 6 Log Cabin Renovation Ideas

A modern log cabin living room with a stone fireplace and wooden mantel.

Everyone deserves to have their dream home away from home – or outdoor getaway.

If you’re looking to spruce up a log home or rustic cabin with a light makeover (or are aiming to do some major vacation home renovations to get a more rustic look), we can help! Here are 6 great log cabin renovation ideas that can take an old property to the next level.

See for Yourself: Recent Renovation of a Log Cabin

It’s no secret. We’ve had the opportunity to work with Outdoor Channel’s Renovation Hunters for the past several seasons. And, that has given us the chance to be part of several unique renovations – from cozy cabins to lakeside properties.

Hear first-hand how the show’s recent log cabin renovation magically transformed a rustic cabin in Hiwassee, Virginia!

1. Give a Little TLC to Stone Fireplaces and Shelving

Can you think of anything cozier than a roaring fire in the winter? Revamp that rough stone fireplace with some TLC and a classic wooden mantel!

Power cleaning your stone fireplace is a simple way to breathe life into that neglected focal point in your living room while boosting the aesthetic of the home design. Adding a rustic fireplace mantel is also an easy DIY design idea.

Mantel Ideas for Log Cabin Homes

Our suggestion for a mantel in a rustic cabin property is a solid mantel or simple box mantel. If you want to go this route but aren’t sure what type of species to go with, we have a couple of suggestions.

Knotty eastern white pine is a fan favorite. And, hickory isn’t a bad choice either!

2. Update Your Space with Wood Floors

A man installing new wood floors in a log cabin.

There’s no quicker way to add some wow factor in a carefully constructed log cabin than to update the floors.

If the old floors are compromised (or if previous owners put in a cheap replacement), wood floors can make all the difference. It’s also a great way to increase the value of your log cabin. Homeowners who install new wood floors can see about a 2.5% increase in property value!

3. Consider Butcher Block Countertops

A log cabin kitchen with wood countertops and cabinetry.

The popularity of hardwood kitchen countertops is through the roof (not only for rustic properties but also for new homes). After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Incorporating natural wood into its design brings much-needed warmth – whether we’re talking countertops, backsplash or cabinetry.

Butcher block is a unique option that fits seamlessly with centuries-old home design. Even better, the exposed edge grain is much more durable than plank style countertops, helping it to hold up better with cutting and chopping.

In the end, butcher block makes for a great countertop material, whether it’s used as an island or for the whole kitchen!

4. Add Shiplap Paneling to Interior Rooms

Close-up image of rustic shiplap wall paneling.

In some cases, shiplap and nickel gap paneling can be a great way to refresh log cabin interiors, especially for walls or rooms that were not an original part of the floor plan.

Using high-quality materials in a species that matches the design of the cabin itself can turn any space into a great room! It can also protect walls in high-traffic spots like dining areas and living rooms.

Remember, if you have log walls throughout the entire property, wall paneling might not be the best idea. (Let those original elements shine through!) But, if you’re working with drywall that looks out of place, wainscotting is a great way to put some natural wood back into those spaces. It’s also a fantastic DIY project that can be done easily (even if you’re not an experienced craftsman) as long as you take some time to learn about the process.

5. Remove Old Kitchen CabinetsNatural kitchen cabinets in a cabin retreat.

Gone are the days when you needed to add white paint to those kitchen cabinets! Several species can be used to match the rustic feel of your space…and, even better, they don’t have to be stained! Simply apply the finish, and then sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the view!

Rustic kitchen design can incorporate hickory, antique oak or even knotty pine kitchen cabinets, depending on the level of durability and “rustic” that you’re looking for. Be sure to check out lumber that is character grade, live sawn or even reclaimed wood. They deliver more cabin-like charm and give your kitchen cabinetry an incredibly unique feeling.

6. Add Sconces, Rustic Chandeliers and Unique FurnitureImage of custom dining table from a Renovation Hunters Season 2 build.

When it comes to updating cabin decor, swapping out light fixtures is a great way to freshen up a space. Copper sconces and rustic chandeliers (picture some antler chandeliers) are sure to add charm to your cabin and supplement any lack of natural light.

If you have a little more familiarity with woodworking, you might even choose to build a coffee table or something of the like! When it comes to home decor, it doesn’t get much better than adding your own personal touches!

Create Your Dream Home (Away From Home) with Baird

Now that we’ve given you all of these great log cabin renovation ideas, it’s time to get to work!

We’re excited to help you get started and provide you with some inspiration! Be sure to check out each Renovation Hunters build to see our products in action.

Then, once you have a plan in mind, head on over to our online store and order the materials you need. If you want a little more insight on what products to use (or are hoping to see how they might come together), reach out to one of our dedicated customer service representatives. We’re your partner in making those dreams come true!